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recover from soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries

Equine Rehabilitation

Trust your horse’s recovery to top veterinarian Shane M. Miller DVM Dipl. ACVS and experienced equine rehab specialist Tom Lange at Tahoe Equine’s top of the line facility. Our compassionate, hands-on approach to equine sports medicine gives your horse the best chance at recovery from a wide variety of injuries. We offer a top of the line facility with the best equipment for treating your equine athlete or partner. This equipment includes laser, shockwave, and pulse treatments, as well as our AquaTread, Salt Water Spa, and Eurociser.

What is equine rehabilitation?

Equine rehabilitation is the practice of helping the horse’s body heal from soft tissue or musculoskeletal injury. The goal is to return the horse to the pre-existing level of optimal performance prior to the injury. This happens by restoring soft tissue flexibility, muscular strength, and functional mobility.

Tahoe Equine’s program has direct veterinary oversight and state of the art equipment and facility. We believe in compassionate care and communication for equine athletes and partners of all disciplines.

What equipment is available?

Salt Water Spa: Cold water significantly reduces inflammation and produces an analgesic (numbing) effect. The saltwater spa also has a gentle massaging action from the jets. Spa treatments are outstanding for tendon and ligament injuries, such as bursitis, as well as hoof issues, like laminitis.

In-ground AquaTread: The HydroHorse Aqua Treadmill is a combination swimming pool, whirlpool, and treadmill. The horse moves in its normal gaits while the water supports 40-45% of the body weight. Exercise on the AquaTread promotes cardiovascular conditioning, joint, tendon, and ligament strength, and bone density while minimizing risk of further injury.

Our 8-horse Eurociser: The Euro style of exerciser is a safer, more modern, version of the hot walker. Your horse will be free in his own compartment with no risk of balking or pulling back. The safe footing and consistent speed insures post-injury conditioning in a controlled environment.

Laser and Shockwave: Fight inflammation and promote the body’s natural healing responses with our Regenerative Laser, Shockwave, and Electromagnetic Pulse Therapies. All three of these state of the art treatments promote healing and tissue repair in a drug-free, non-invasive way.

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