“Tahoe Equine Rehab is amazing!! I couldn’t have asked for a better facility to rehab my horse. Maguire, Dr. Miller, and their staff are second to none. My horse was so well cared for that he exceeded the healing time he needed by months. Maguire kept me informed weekly and would send me pictures and short videos of Boon’s progress. I’m not sure if he even wanted to come home! They are the best ever and I am extremely grateful to them all for their excellent care both physically and emotionally”

  -Jill Cenedella


“Thanks to all the staff at Tahoe Equine Rehabilitation and Conditioning for getting my mare back in the cutting pen after swimming her for 2months after her displacement surgery, what could have been 6 months of rehab at home was shortened to 3 months from surgery to back to showing! They are truly the best!”

-Pam Cozad


“Maguire and the whole team are AMAZING! Very professional, kind and patient. Great with all of my horses and each of their quirky personalities. Communication was great. They checked in with me regularly and sent photos. I highly recommend this facility.”

-Lisa Hallmark


“I highly recommend Tahoe Equine Rehabilitation and Conditioning. Handsome Harry, Mustang Ambassador who has been a public figure since he was 10 months old, is healing from a very serious partial hoof amputation. We are making amazing progress because of Maguire Price and the cold laser treatments he is receiving. I recommend you pay them a visit and check out all the things they can do to keep your trust steed in tiptop shape or to help them heal the best they can.”

-Cindy Hartzel


“I cannot speak highly enough of TERC and their staff. The quality of care for my horse and support/education they showered me with is priceless.

Maguire Price has so much pride and professionalism in her work managing the facility and constantly searching for ways to better the services, makes it a 10 star experience. If you want zero worry and high integrity horse treatment and results. This is your place to go!👏
-Seanna Lee Jackson

terinary Referrals

Advanced post-diagnostic care in a state of the art facility.

Veterinary Referrals at Tahoe Equine

Tahoe Equine’s state of the art facility offers top equipment as well as veterinary oversight. Outside veterinarians are welcome to continue overseeing their cases and we encourage them to do follow-ups as needed.

We offer rehabilitation programs for all soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries and issues. Horses in our care are housed in spacious, indoor, heated stalls and have access to around the clock care and monitoring.

Repair tendon and ligament lesions.

Regenerative Laser Treatments

Tahoe Equine is one of few facilities offering the state of the art RLT Laser.

Treat musculoskeletal issues, soft tissue damage, and bone injuries.

Extracoporeal Shock Wave Therapy

Shock Wave therapy is available through the adjacent Great Basin Equine Hospital.

Cold salt water targets inflammation.

Nautilus Salt Water Spa

Our salt water spa includes cold water and uses a of Epsom salts.

Therapeutic healing, conditioning, and strengthening.

HydroHorse In-Ground Aqua Treadmill

Tahoe Equine’s AquaTread features a 10′ treadmill and a water depth of up to five feet.

Post injury rehabilitation in a safe, consistent exerciser.

Centaur Euro-style Equine Exerciser

The EuroCiser at Tahoe Equine has outstanding footing and can exercise up to eight horses in all the gaits.