Tahoe Equine is a full-service equine rehabilitation and conditioning center in Gardnerville, Nevada.

Tahoe Equine offers the best and most complete equipment to get your equine athlete or companion ready for the season or back from any type of musculoskeletal issue. We offer a hands-on approach and veterinary oversight for rehabilitation and conditioning of all performance horse disciplines.

Our indoor facility includes a salt water spa, an inground Aqua Treadmill, and an eight horse Eurocizer. We also offer an RLT Regenerative Laser, and shockwave.

We welcome year-round haul-ins for conditioning, as well as inpatient rehabilitation care and referrals.


Trust your horse’s recovery to top veterinarian Shane M. Miller DVM Dipl. ACVS and his experienced team at Tahoe Equine’s top of the line facility. Dr. Miller has practiced, lectured, and written extensively about equine lameness and is a board certified surgeon. He has more than 25 years of highly specialized experience.


Sharpen your competitive edge with year-round, low-impact, full body conditioning for the equine athlete of any discipline. Our entire facility is indoor, meaning haul-ins can access our eight horse Eurocizer and our inground AquaTread no matter the weather. This is an incredible opportunity to get a jump on the show season, prevent injuries, and strengthen tendons, ligaments, and joints before starting heavy training.

therapeutic healing, strengthening, conditioning, and training

In-Ground AquaTread

Tahoe Equine’s inground HydroHorse Aqua Treadmill is a 56’ long concrete pool featuring a 12’ treadmill with a 20 HP motor for water jets. Submerged treadmill systems are a high-tech engineered combination of a treadmill, whirlpool, and swimming pool. This is a versatile piece of equipment ideal for low-impact exercise for both recovery and conditioning!

recover from injury, manage inflammation, and more

Salt Water Spa

The Nautilus Salt Water Spa at Tahoe Equine offers cold water therapy to the horse’s lower legs. This aids recovery from injuries, managing inflammation, and more. Saltwater therapy is excellent for treating ligament injuries, like suspensories, and for hoof problems. It can also be a valuable tool for preventing injuries in performance horses by controlling inflammation after intensive training.

safe, natural movement in a controlled environment

8-Horse Eurociser

Our new facility offers an 80’ Centaur Eurociser that can exercise 8 horses at consistent speeds ranging from a walk to a full gallop. Unlike traditional hot walker designs, the Eurociser style allows the horse to move freely in its compartment at its own speed without being pulled forward. This natural movement in a safe, controlled environment is outstanding for rebuilding strength following injury. It is also excellent for year-round conditioning.

Salt Water Spa
In-Ground AquaTread
In-Ground AquaTread
Salt Water Spa
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Salt Water Spa
In-Ground AquaTread
Salt Water Spa
Salt Water Spa
In-Ground AquaTread

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